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Get to Know ColuccioCooks

People often ask us where we learned to cook. There are many answers we could give to this question, but the first memory that comes to mind is from a very young age, watching our grandmother standing at her stove stirring a pot of Sunday sauce. Taking in the aromas, listening for the sizzles and pops, following the flow of her movements around the kitchen. Allowing our developing minds to soak up all the things that recipes and YouTube videos cannot teach you. Growing up in a big Italian-American family, our lives revolved around food. Delicious home-cooked meals and family gatherings reverberate through memories with each one as special as the last. Whether it was catching and cooking fresh crabs with our grandparents and cousins, our dad teaching us how to make an omelet at the ripe age of 7, or watching our mom magically feed an army of friends that just happened to be over that day. These are the moments that made us fall in love with food. They are the ones that we draw on to push ourselves in the kitchen every day.


In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chef Steve found food as a means of escapism and he wanted to provide the same for his friends and family. He launched ColuccioCooks with the intentions of sharing his knowledge and passion for cooking through Instagram tutorials and virtual cooking classes. As his popularity grew, he brought his sister on board and they began cooking private dinners for families and friends across the tri-state area. Bringing people together around meals and helping them find joy during such dark times rekindled those warm memories that ignited his passion many years ago.

It is with that same passion that Steve and his sister now cook every meal for their clients. Their goal is to serve you with the same warmth and care that they were served with growing up. They believe in using the best possible ingredients and techniques to create an unforgettable, fully customized culinary experience for you and your loved ones that you are sure to look back on with the fondest of memories.

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