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Customer Testimonials

Periodically, we send out surveys to past clients to get anonymous feedback on the ColuccioCooks experience. Their responses help us to  continuously improve the quality of our service, ensuring we are giving our clients everything they desire.

"Stephen was very professional/personable and the food was phenomenal. A great experience overall. Personalizing the menu was unique and a huge selling point. I love that he is constantly striving to learn more and better his skills and learn new dishes."

"I truthfully had no complaints it was a wonderful experience and they handle everything from supplies to clean up."

"How seamless and easy you guys made it for us from start (menu planning) to finish (clean up). I really felt like I didn’t lift a finger the entire night."

"thank you for all your time and efforts making this dinner everything I wanted! The food was absolutely amazing! Cannot wait to book again!"


"Loved when the chef came out to explain what we were eating!"

"How accommodating you were and figured out on your feet how to serve and make it an overall amazing experience! Very personable and easy to make the dinner great!"

"The service was great and everything was cooked to perfection."

"Loved everything! Menu was customize perfectly for what I wanted."

"I thought you guys did a great job! I really don’t have constructive feedback for you which I know is not helpful. You were a pleasure to work with and I wish you all the success in this venture and will definitely book you again in the future!"

"Really great experience, keep up the good work!"

"Delicious food!"

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